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Adverts on JewishBooksOnline
Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I buy advertising on JewishBooksOnline?
JewishBooksOnline is an online bookshop targeted at a specific market. You can reach this market by advertising on this site enabling you to target specific messages according to book type, subject, etc.
What kinds of advertising opportunities does JewishBooksOnline offer?
JewishBooksOnline offers a wide variety of advertising and sponsorship opportunities. An overview of these different types of opportunities is available online. If you are interested in a specific kind of sponsorship, or would like more detailed information, please contact our team of Account Managers.
How much does it cost to advertise with JewishBooksOnline?
Please email marketing@jewishbooksonline.co.uk for a copy of our current rate card
How often will my ads appear?
The frequency with which your ads appear will depend on the percentage of the overall available impressions you have purchased. In simple terms, the greater the number of impressions you purchase, the higher the frequency with which your ads will appear. The number of available impressions varies constantly, so it will fluctuate. If you purchase a tenancy your advertising will be seen by everyone visiting the web page during the period for which you have purchased the advertising
How will I monitor the performance of my advertising campaign?
Your JewishBooks Account Manager will work with you, as your campaign is being organised, to set up performance reporting to suit your needs.
Does JewishBooksOnline offer ways, other than advertising, to drive traffic to my website?
Yes! We offer a facility for reciprocal links, you put a link to our web site on your web site and we will reciprocate. Contact our sales team for further information.
My question isn't answered on this FAQ
Please contact your Account Manager, or send a question through to our sales team. We will respond as quickly as possible.