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Elusive Peace

by Aron Bregman
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Elusive Peace (How the Holy Land defeated America), to be published on 29th September to coincide with the 3 part BBC series based on the book tells how Ehud Barak's election as Prime Minister of Israel in May 1999 and his determination to conclude a peace deal with the Palestinians inspired Israeli voters and the international community. Where did it all go wrong? How did it end in the total failure of Barak's efforts, defeat at the polls and ejection from office? How did he open the way not to peace, but to Ariel Sharon? Drawing on exclusive interviews with the major international figures , Elusive Peace traces the history of the Middle East peace process from Barak's election, through the talks at Camp David to the current Road Map. It illuminates the characters of Clinton, Arafat, Sharon and many others, and offers many insights into one of the most complex political situations in the world today
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