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Still Life with Bombers

by David Horowitz
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For the past three years, both Israelis and Palestinians have lived under the constant threat of violence while they attempt to carry out everyday life. Horovitz, a Jerusalem resident, author, and frequent commentator on CNN and BBC television provides a grim, frequently depressing, yet oddly hopeful portrait of a land and people under siege. Beyond the sheer savagery and bloodstained streets one glimpses on television, Horovitz captures the chronic tension Israelis endure in the face of random violence. He puts a human face on both the terrorists and their victims. This is no one-sided effort to justify Israeli policies, as he vividly describes the grinding hardships and petty humiliations Palestinians endure under occupation. Ultimately, however, Horovitz staunchly maintains that all scenarios for a revived peace process will hit the brick wall set up by terrorists and Arafat's cynical manipulations of both men and events. This is a brutally frank appraisal of a people at war and of the chances of resolving the conflict.
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