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Yom Kippur Readings

by Dov Elkins
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A resource to be used over and over again, this extraordinary collection of readings, prayers and insights enables the modern worshiper to enter into the spirit of the Day of Atonement in a personal and powerful way and permits the meaning of Yom Kippur to enter the heart. Yom Kippur was a highly dramatic experience for our biblical ancestors. When the High Priest entered the Holy of Holies and pronounced the ineffable name of God, the sense of religious excitement was at the highest pitch of spiritual fervor. Yom Kippur worship today needs to find new ways to connect the worshiper with the liturgy and the meaning of the day. This anthology connects the heart and soul of the reader to the ancient and medieval prayers through contemporary commentaries on the day's central themes: sin, forgiveness, repentance, spiritual growth, and being at one with self, the universe and God.
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