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JewishBooksOnline is a new web site where visitors both Jewish and non-Jewish, wishing to read Judaica will find a wide selection of books of Judaica and Judaism suitable for Bar Mitzvah, home and Synagogue.

The Jewish festivals or Yom Tov of Rosh Hashanah, Passover, Yom Kippur, Purim, Shavuot, Tisha B'Av, Hanukkah and Simchat Torah will feature strongly. Books about the Old Testament, Bible and the Five Books of Moses will be found here, as will the works of Rashi and Rambam and the Jewish chronicle written by Spinoza. Categories covered include Yiddish, Zionism, Israel, Holocaust and Anne Frank, Kosher Cooking, Hebrew, Kaballah and Zohar, Jerusalem and Talmud. The Israeli Middle East, Zionism and Dead Sea Scrolls as well as Shabbat & Shabbos, not forgetting Jewish humour whether from ghetto or golus.

Rabbi's, Hebrew and Yeshivah students will find the search facility intuitive. Children too will find lots of totally Jewish books for them to explore. Many Jewish children, fascinated by the story of Anne Frank, will want to know more about this painful anti-Semitic episode in Jewish history. We have a large selection of stories about the Holocaust for children.

The site features readers' reviews, comments and articles about Jewish books and their authors such as Chaim Potok, Roth, Jacobson, Ozick, Isaac Bashevis Singer and others. Our site allows visitors to post their comments and reviews about the Jewish books they have read and enjoyed.

The site offers books published primarily in Britain and the United States and will also feature books published in other European languages as well as Hebrew. Jewish Publication Society, Schocken, Kar Ben, Random House, Harper Collins, all have their books here.

Jewish Book Week and Jewish Arts Festivals will also have features on the site. Followers of Lubavitch will not be disappointed as the site has the facility for visitors to publish their own short story, critique or poem. It may be a recollection or Yahrzeit of Shtetl life. We also publish contemporary articles and comments about forthcoming Jewish festivals and other topics of Zionist interest.

The site will appeal to those visitors of all faiths from the Satmar Hasid to the Liberal Jew seeking to increase their knowledge of Jews and Judaism.

Most people looking for Archaeology and the Dead Sea scrolls covering ancient bible history, Middle East & Zionism will find what they want. Those students of Judaism, its practices, halacha, customs & rituals, Holocaust, Jewish humour, Passover, Jewish New Year, Yom Kippur, Purim, Passover, and Hanukkah will find all these subjects covered.

Jewish Books of the Month
Coming Soon
1. The Holocaust on Trial
2. New Joys of Yiddish
3. Four Meals
4. Real Jews
5. In the Narrow Places
Recent Releases
1. The Lost tribes of Israel
2. Art Scroll Children's Siddur
3. Hitler & the Holocaust
4. Simone Weil
5. Feminist Interpretations of Emmanuel Levinas
6. Feminist Interpretations of Emmanuel Levinas
7. Judaism for Everyone
8. Lulav & Etrog Handbook
9. The Nose
10. You Can't do Business Without Yiddish

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