About Us

Jewish Books Online is designed to bring the latest in Jewish literature and books of Jewish interest to your desktop.

Where once there was a proliferation of independent minded Jewish bookstores in areas of Jewish population where one could browse among the various offerings from around the world, one now is forced to rely on internet sites.

This is not because the shops no longer exist, merely that their focus is on books of Halacha, Reference, Tefillah and Tenach.

Sadly these sites will not display, in any one area, the depth of range. One needs to visit these sites knowing the title of the book one wishes to buy. Our aim is to change this.

With our extensive knowledge of the offerings of various houses, large, medium and small together with authors, we can elect titles that our readers will enjoy.

As well as selling online, we have considerable experience of selling at author launches, book fairs and exhibitions.