All These Vows


Lawrence Hoffman Ed.

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People who attend no other services go out of their way to be present on Yom Kippur eve just to hear Kol Nidre chanted. Yet the prayer is in medieval Aramaic, which no one understands, and may not even have a translation
supplied, since the prayer’s content defies moral logic. Kol Nidre is a blanket request that God hold us guiltless
for vows we make and do not honor! Judaism demands, however, just the reverse. We must honor promises we
make. How then did this prayer come into being? Why

was it retained? How did it attract the most haunting

chant in all of Jewish tradition?

All These Vows Kol Nidre examines the prayer’s

theology, authorship and history through a set of lively

essays, all written in accessible language by over thirty

contributors who span three continents and all major

Jewish denominations. They are men and women,

scholars and rabbis, artists and poets. Introductory

essays trace the actual history of the prayer and

attempts through the ages to emend it, downplay it and

even do away with it all in vain. Kol Nidre remains

despite them all, an annual liturgical highlight that is

regularly attended even by Jews who disbelieve

everything the prayer says.


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