Big Book of Jewish Conspiracies


Joshua Neuman

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The Big Book of Jewish Conspiracies takes as its modest proposal an extreme theme: what if the most damaging charges ever leveled against Jews were all true? Spanning the history of Western Civilization, each of these assertions is explored in turn, including:
–Ancient Jewish Conspiracies: How Moses led the Exodus so Jews would later have a justification for establishing the state of Israel
–Medieval Jewish Conspiracies: How Blood Libel began after an unfortunate baking accident resulted in the tastiest Matzoh ever
–Jewish Conspiracies during the Enlightenment: Upset by lack of opportunity for Jews in Bourbon France, entrepreneurs turn culottes into an unaffordable craze, leaving the sans-culottes thirsty for revolution
–Modern Jewish Conspiracies: The invention of psychoanalysis as a way to hypnotize wealthy and powerful Gentiles
–Post-Modern Conspiracies: Jews invent fast food to turn buff, sports-playing Gentiles into doughy copies of the average Jewish accountant’s physique

And that’s not all!**Why the Jews invented and still run Hollywood**World War II as a brilliant coup that got Jews accepted into mainstream American society**How circumcision became a widespread “health procedure**Why the Jews were behind 9/11
“You know what they say: two Jews, three conspiracies.”


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