Complete Idiots Guide to Jewish Spirituality & Mysticism


Michael Levin

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You know Judaism predates Christianity and remains one of the worlds most practiced religions. However the ideals and ethics expressed in such texts as the Talmud and the Kabbalah may not seem as accessible as the stories of the Jews in the Bible and you’re intimidated at the thought of exploring these ancient texts. The Complete Idiots Guide to Jewish Spirituality and Mysticism will show you exactly where the spiritual side of Judaism originated. In this book you will understand:- the four goals of mystical thought:life lessons found in the Biblical stories of Noah, Abraham and Isaac:important passages from the Bible and Talmud fully explained. Michael Levin author of such books as What Every Jew needs to Know about God & The Guide to the Jewish Internet explains such things as Gematria and the Zohar in simple easy to understand language. If this is the year you decide to learn more about the spiritual roots of Judaism, this is the book for you.


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