Happiness and the Human Spirit


Abraham Twerski

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To become complete human beings, to find happiness, we need to develop our human spirits to the fullest. This is what it means to be spiritual: to be the best we can be; to exercise all the qualities and traits that are unique to humankind and that give us the identity as human beings. This spirituality is an integral component of being human, and we cannot have true and enduring happiness without it. For many of us, the journey toward personal and spiritual fulfilment is fraught with unexplained feelings of emptiness in the struggle to reach what seems an elusive and murky goal. It doesn’t have to be this way.Using simple, accessible language and clear examples, this wellspring of wisdom shows you that true happiness is attainable once you stop looking outside yourself for the source and realise that it can be found within you. You will identify the unique abilities that comprise your human spirit – such as gratitude, humility, compassion and generosity – and explore how to use them in ways that will not only remove your feelings of incompleteness, but, also, allow you to experience happiness in an invigorating and spiritually refreshing way.


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